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1. UTRUST just integrated DGB into their platform. 2. DGB is currently the fastest POW based UTXO blockchain...it is a clear no brainer that this software is way undervalued. As more people get hip to the technology behind these coins they will start to see the value in DGBs tech. Steem is the fastest blockchain in general but its not POW, Steem is POS. DGB has more similarties to Bitcoin being that it is POW based and is the fastest "Bitcoin like" crypto. 3. DGB was the first blockchain to implement SegWit 4. DGB has 5 mining algos and is thinking of adding a 6th algo (hopefully Cryptonight algo from Monero XMR) Cryptonight is ASIC resistant as well so that could provide interesting benefits for DGB. 5. DGB has some unannounced use cases in real estate coming in the pipeline.
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Pacent has integrated DigiByte

#Paycent has integrated @DigiByteCoin for you to spend your #DGB globally at stores and withdraw at ATMs through the #PaycentApp and #PaycentCard: https://t.co/9YgvoH8ZwzJoin the conversation now at h...