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Weekly Discussion Thread - (9th July - 15th July, 2018)

# Welcome to the Weekly Devery Discussion Thread! # Rules * Lead by example and treat others as you would wish yourself to be treated. * Don't post duplicate content/referral links. * Personal attacks and nsfw comments will not be tolerated. * Please remember this is a Devery subreddit, discussion should be relevant and topical. # Links of Importance * [Website]( * [Twitter]( * [Telegram]( * [Medium]( * [Bitcointalk ANN]( * [Whitepaper]( * [Github]( # Latest News * May Update #2 — Devery Alpha Mobile Application Release, Introducing our Newest Advisor, Team Members & Project Update. []( * May Update #1 — Devery Website Revamp, Team and Project Update. []( * We're working with the United Nation’s World Food Programme and the Tunisian Ministry of Education to ensure the safe delivery of food to 400,000 school children in North Africa using blockchain technology. [\-io/devery\-united\-nations\-world\-food\-programme\-use\-blockchain\-to\-ensure\-the\-safe\-delivery\-of\-food\-to\-acd6a5037123]( * Devery has been selected as the part of the inaugural blockchain accelerator. [\-io/de...
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