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The future of DENT

Within the last 10 months, DENT went from 0 to 8.1M total users and 5 million monthly active users. This is 8x faster growth than Facebook had in its first 10 months.

For those that don’t know DENT, all the major Telcos in 40 countries sell their leftover data at the end of the month to DENT, because they wouldn’t be able to use it anyways and it would become useless. Through their partnerships, DENT is then able to allow cellphone users in Germany to buy 10GB worth of data that would cost $10 in Germany from a cellphone user in Thailand for $1 without an intermediary, because it’s all handled by the blockchain. This democratizes the mobile data market. This is the power of the blockchain.

Looking at their roadmap, DENT wants to reach 15M total users by July 2019 and probably 30M total and 20M monthly active users by the end of the year.

You will also be surprised by this. These are the daily usage numbers for DENT for the top 5 countries (100M a day total). Multiply that by 30 and you have the monthly usage (3B). Add 20% on top and you have all countries.(3.6B)

1 DENT is $0.0013 which makes this $4.7M revenue per month and $57M run rate (projected annual revenue) per year.

The most common metric to value tech companies is at a 10x revenue multiple. By this metric, DENT would be worth $570M, 25x of what it’s worth right now ($20M).

Are crypto market caps calculated the same way as tech-startup market caps? Historically, crypto market caps are much, much higher than normal company market caps, so if anything that’s probably a low estimate.

Next month, when allowing trading on the dent exchange, DENT usage rate will probably be 10B a month, which is $13M revenue per month, which is a $126M run rate per year, which equates to a valuation of $1.26B.

Increasing its monthly active user base from 5M to 20M througout 2019 will likely increase its annual revenue to somewhere between $500M-$1B, which puts...

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