How is everyone calculating their liquidity mining earnings for taxes?

self.defiblockchain1m ago
Hi All, Liquidity mining is great, but all the micro-transactions/payouts for tax purposes is a crazy. I'd like to gather up all of the transactions to figure out the amounts per day / month / year. I've tried []( but it doesn't seem to have this information. I'm also trying out [DeFiChain-Portfolio]( which looks like it can calculate this. However, running into issues as it's still running node v2.6.1 and is stalled at the moment when I drop in the 2.7.0 defid node file. I've started working on my own app to run the calculations. I may revert to that if I'm unable to use something else. I've been able to extract the 3.5 million transactions from liquidity mining and load it into a database where I can start to run queries / reports. I'm curious if / how others have been successful to get these calculations so far? Edit: I see that []( can generate this report in the "Rewards" page. It just takes a few minutes for it to load.