Defichain, direct BTC-DFI swap

self.defiblockchain1m ago
Hi, I want to share an idea about what maybe could be the "Bing Bang" for Defichain mass adoption. At the beggining I have to admit I'm definetely not a dev, so it is only an idea to discuss. One of the main motto of Defichain is "Defi for Bitcoin". But in reality (without atomic swap) we have only one way through Cake to get BTC to and of Defichain (if are there some other ways, please tell me). I'm glad that we have Cake, but at all, it is point of centralization and maybe weak point against goverment regulation "atack" etc. Finally my idea is about that if masternodes can substitute the BTC-dBTC utility of Cake. For example MN have to swap part of rewards in DFI to BTC to back the dBTC and in the opposite way if someone want to get back BTC. It is maybe just an iracional dream, but I hope that maybe it will inspire some of superdevs here to make it real ;-) I'll be glad for your feedback!