DeFiChain (DFI) listings

self.defiblockchain1m ago
Hello DeFiChain Community, We have a few updates regarding listings. We’ve been exploring different exchanges for listing DFI as well as stock tokens. As you can imagine the stock token listing is a bit difficult since most exchanges are worried about them being securities. We are in contact with some that are exploring that with their legal team though. Stay tuned for that. Listing DFI is easier though, not talking about the big A-Tier exchanges that is a different story. We have a few noticeable platforms that would be willing to list DFI like e.g. Bitget, BingX and Bitmart. Keep in mind listing DFI is more complicated than listing an ERC-20 token since the exchanges need to set up their own nodes in order to integrate the mainnet. All of that comes with a price, most are asking for at least market making which is usually 50k/50k per pair plus a constant market making fee of 2-3k per month and some initial spendings on marketing to get the trading going (like trading competitions, airdrops, etc.). From the ones mentioned we favor Bitget and Bitmart. Bitget is also exploring the stock token listings. It is bigger than Bittrex in terms of volume and weekly visits. Bitmart is a very US focussed exchange that could support our expansion to the American market. It is similar to Bitget in terms of size. To sum it up, getting listed at one of those exchanges would cost us around 300-350k $ if we start with two trading pairs. We would like to get your opinion on whether we should go forward with the listings and create a CFP for the next CFP round or ditch the idea? We know you are all super curious about “when Binance/Coinbase listing”. Tbh this is a more tricky endeavour. DeFiChain is working on this and we are supporting it by trying to make DeFiChain look good. One crucial step will be a proper ranking on CMC, which we are working on intensively. Being a top 50 coin on CMC will help us with so many things and we are super excited about that. Stay tuned. Benefits we see from additional listings: * Increase the overall CEX daily volume (good for A-Tier exchanges) * Increase the availability of DFI in certain markets / target groups * More exchanges → more mature project We are not drawn to any exchanges and would like to know which exchanges you would like to see DFI getting listed besides the A-Tier ones like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, etc.? [View Poll](