Deeper's Official HNT Refund/Exchange program + free pico & antenna as a gift! An extremely fair and great move by Deeper!

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Deeper Network HNT Miner Refund or Exchange

If you ordered a Deeper Network HNT Miner, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patience, your support, and your faith in us. To thank you, we are giving you a free Pico + WiFi adapter, and to compensate those who still want an HNT miner, we are going to give you access to the Midas 926 HNT Miner, which is in stock for immediate shipping.

We understand some of you are disappointed because you didn’t get an HNT Miner after waiting so long. Feeling your pain we have purchased Midas 926 HNT miners and will offer them to our HNT Miner customers. The Midas 926 HNT miners retail for USD $599. So, if you ordered a single HNT Miner or an HNT Miner + Mini Combo, we would like to compensate you in one of the following four ways:

Option 1: A Midas 926 HNT miner (in stock) in exchange for the Deeper HNT Miner + Deeper Connect Mini combo Option 2: Pay an additional $300 to get the Midas 926 HNT miner (in stock) in exchange for the pre-ordered Deeper HNT Miner Option 3: Keep the Mini, and refund the HNT miner for those who ordered the combo Option 4: Full Refund on your order

Please take a moment to fill out the refund/exchange application here:

We at Deeper Network would like to offer our sincere apologies for the inconveniences this may have caused you. We hope you will continue to support the Deeper Network as we continue to build out our Web3 ecosystem for you. As a gesture of our appreciation for your support, we will be sending you your free Pico + WiFi adapter soon. Let’s continue forward together in achieving the goal of a more secure, more private and fairer internet!

Note: 1) For those who’ve already received their Deeper Network HNT miners, a shipping label will be sent to you so you can return the Deeper Network HNT miner back to our warehouse. 2) We will confirm the receipt of your selection after your form is submitted. 3) Those with questions regarding the refund can email: [email protected]