Access to internet, but can´t access Deeper Connect Mini interface

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self.DeeperNetwork1m ago
I have searched and read the pinned posts but cannot find my exact setup, so I hope the community can guide me. I know basic network stuff but am no expert user at all. It´s a longer post, but I want to be thorough to avoid misunderstandings. My setup: Fiber internet comes into my house and connects to what my ISP calls a "media converter", which is a small box mounted by my ISP. They also sent me a router/modem, but I want to use the Google Nest router I bought. I simply put the Deeper Connect between the media converter and the Nest router. So Media converter->Deeper Connect->Google Nest router. I also have an 8-port unmanaged switch plugged into the Google Nests other port, to connect various other non-wifi equipment to (I have built in RJ45 plugs in most rooms, so for them to work I need the Switch to plug them into also). My laptop is connected via cable to one of these plugs in my living room. So my laptop connection is: Media converter->Deeper Connect->Google Nest router->switch->wall plug->laptop. Now, The nest Wifi works great and the cabled connection as described above via the switch also works perfect. My problem is, that I can´t connect to the deeper. when typing in or in my browser it times out. I switched ISP provider because trying the same setup resulted in no internet at all, when the Deeper was part of the connection. So when I had internet with the new ISP, through the Deeper, I though I was ready to go :/ Reading various posts with someone also using a Nest router, it was suggested using two routers, one behind and one in front of the deeper. Would doing this solve my issue (and why?). Is it because my current setup only has a router in front of the deeper, that the deeper also doesn´t show on my "connected devices" list from the router or Fing (a network and IP scanner software)? It kinda makes sense to me that the deeper would not show and not get assigned an IP as it is behind the router. If the 2 router setup is the way to go, how does the router in front of the Deeper need to be set up? (DHCP disabled, Wifi disabled and so on?). Bonus info, Even though the router my ISP sent me is a modem/router, they specifically told me that I could use a Google Nest router in it´s place, so as I understand it, the "modem" part of the equation can be removed without it affecting my connection (which seems to be true, although I can´t connect to my Deeper). I can´t stake my DPR without getting access to the Deeper :( I really hope a patient expert out there can guide me here...