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What is Decred? #workshopwednesday **Is it one thing?** **Is it many things?** **Is it one thing that enables many things?** The truth is that true north is yet to be defined... and is many ways a moving target. For some Decred is building *a fairer financial system -* predictable supply, transparently governed. For others it is primarily a *store of value* \- a form of digital gold that and a hedge to Bitcoin. Some are most excited when it is seen as a *DAO of DAOs -* financial & organisational infrastructure. (You can express a vote on twitter for each of these solutions [here]( **Narrative development** In any narrative development there are typically four key stages. This approach gives structure to storytelling and applies pretty much universally - from business to filmmaking and yes, even crypto-networks. 1. **Insight** \- the big picture, what is the context to the story you are telling? 2. **Problem** \- within the context you have framed, what is the primary issue? 3. **Solution** \- what is the compelling answer to the problem and context you have set? 4. **How it works** \- so now explain how the solution works, from high level to deep dive... This structured approach can waterfall across every aspect of a project, from a helicopter perspective to deep down into the weeds of a complex technology such as the DEX. (Depending on your experience and expertise, helicopter and deep in the weeds are also subjective). Over time these narratives will evolve, but the structure always stays the same. It is also how Politeia proposals are generally structured. **Example**: Let's take the (simplified) original positioning of the world's most famous computing brand. 1. **Insight** \- Computers will change the world but... 2. **Problem** \- Right now they are difficult to use... 3. **Solution** \- Introdu...
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