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Random question - DCR, PoW and renewables

Been catching up on Decred updates and re-read this interesting recent thread by u/blender_user1 "[Thoughts on alternatives to Proof of Work](" mostly about Chia. The thrust of the (interesting) thread was is there a greener way forward for DCR given negative sentiment around PoW energy use and the whole Elon miner stuff. One response from u/atweiden left me thinking: >As a purely academic thought exercise, Decred stakers could veto blocks produced by PoW miners who don’t provably use renewable power sources. At the cost of making Decred quasi-permissioned, this would do far more to lower the carbon footprint of wasteful PoW algos than merely swapping ASICs for HDDs. There are big questions about veracity of info / oracles etc, but it seemed like a cool idea. Perhaps there might be a way of a renewable energy source providing some sort of proof at source - something impossible to falsify? I'll wait for someone much smarter to tell me why this is dumb/impossible or both. Be well :)
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