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POLL: The Decred Great Inflation

All, there has been a raging debate since I have been in the community lead by u/lehaon regarding whether stakeholders should change the Decred issuance rate to help combat the Great Inflation which is weighing on price. The logic is that reduced issuance == less sell pressure, sell pressure damages SoV narrative and stakeholders have the capabilities to decide Decreds fate. There are an infinite number of reasons why I oppose this and I desperately want to put the outcome to bed. I believe continued discussion of this in public forums like Twitter is negative publicity. This is quite a divisive and polarising topic and I have strong suspicions that people will already have a strong view either way. Thus, rather than put forward complex debate topics and arguments, I just want a simple show of hands as to whether this conversation should be entertained any further. If the vote is in favour (Yes), then I request u/lehaon start a formal topic to discuss in full detail and present a justification. If No, can we please carry on with this discussion in the past tense. **The proposal is simple: Are Stakeholders willing to entertain any discussion and talk about the merits of changing the current issuance rate to combat current price action?** *P.S author is well aware Reddit polls is not unforgeable. In either resolution,* u/lehaon *is requested to formalise his position rather than creating continued stir on social media. Without details as to what is being explicitly suggested, the conversion has to date, gone in circles. It is time to formalise it as a written proposal if resolved to a Yes.* [View Poll](
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