Partnership between FIO Protocol and Decred

17D Ago
**What** This proposal seeks a Partnership between Decred and FIO by integrating FIO Protocol on Decred wallet **Why** Surveys shows that most of the crypto users are less confident while they try to deposit and withdraw their crypto assets. Some users lost their funds by sending their crypto to the wrong chain or wrong address. Some users are the victims of the man-in-the-middle attacks. When a user copy-paste a public address, it will change to an another address, if their system is infected by a malware. FIO solves these types of issues and users can send, receive and request any crypto asset is a easy, joyful, fully decentralized, secure and self-sovereign way. ​ **Who** FIO - the Foundation for Interwallet Operability, is a decentralized consortium of blockchain organizations and community members supporting the ongoing development, integration, and promotion of the FIO Protocol. FIO is invested by Binance and FIO token is also listed on Binance exchange. [$57-Million-Series-A-Raise-to-Launch-FIO-Protocol-]($57-Million-Series-A-Raise-to-Launch-FIO-Protocol-) Important points about FIO Protocol ​ 1. Decentralized - powered by a public blockchain that does not require a centralized solution of a trusted third party. FIO have 36 block producers that run the infrastructure necessary to run the FIO Chain and play a major role in the governance of the FIO Chain. 2. Secure - enables transactions to be exchanged between parties in a secure way. All FIO Protocol transactions require a FIO private key, which is stored in the user’s wallet. 3. Private - sensitive counter-party information, including public addresses and metadata, can be encrypted on the blockchain. 4. Decentralized Autonomous Consortia - consortia of wallets, exchange, and crypto payment processors that are supporting the development of the FIO Protocol. FIO Board members ([]( ) are the CEOs of major crypto wallet companies. 5. FIO smart contract is audited and has no security issues. **Benefits of this integration** ​ 1. After integration, Decred wallet users didn't need to copy and paste long complex public addresses for deposit and withdrawal. Just enter FIO Crypto handle like " [email protected] " and deposit/withdraw/request any token or coin in a completely decentralized way. This solves deposit and withdrawal to wrong address issues on Decred wallet. 2. Decred can reduce the number of support tickets created by users regarding the wrong deposit and withdrawal on Decred wallet. 3. Decred can reduce the time and cost put for customer support on Decred wallet. 4. For this integration, FIO will pay an integration grant to Decred. Decred didn't need to pay anything to FIO Protocol. So zero expenses in this proposal for Decred. Decred development team have to do this integration. Regarding this Integration timeline, Decred can choose an comfortable date. FIO is very flexible regarding this integration timeline. 5. Decred wallet can make additional lifetime passive income by integrating FIO protocol. When a user register a Free FIO Crypto handle on Decred wallet, Decred will get 1$ in FIO tokens directly from FIO Blockchain. When a user register a FIO Domain on Decred wallet, Decred will get 20$ in FIO tokens directly from the FIO Blockchain. []( 6. After the FIO Integration on Decred wallet, Decred will also join the FIO ecosystem and a user can withdraw tokens from Trust wallet or from the 80+ partnered ( []( ) wallets and exchanges of FIO to Decred wallet and all the partnered 80+ wallets and exchanges will get connected with Decred. 7. This is not a complex integration. This is a simple API Call ( []( ) and integration will complete in just 10 to 20 hours. ​ **Demo video** []( ​ **Budget** Zero expense on the Decred side, FIO will pay an integration grant to Decred and Decred have to find the development resources for this integration

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