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and the dcrwallet (command line interface), available from the [Decred downloads page]( or via their Github repositories. Hardware wallet teams such as Trezor and Ledger are currently working to support Decred. ### Get started with the docs * ### Join us on social media Visit for our social media platforms. ### Developer resources * Open source code on [GitHub]( * Code contribution [guidelines]( * [How to join]( the Decred dev team ### We are recruiting * ### DCR exchanges * ##### For exchange related issues, please contact the exchange before posting here Exchanges occasionally experience technical issues with their wallets, such as delayed or canceled transactions. Always contact the exchange first. Please note that many exchanges have long support queues and it may take a while to receive a response. If you are making deposits or withdrawals, you can also track your transactions via our [block explorer]( --- *Disclaimer*: A welcome thread has proven to be effective on [/r/siacoin](, so we trust it will be effective here as well. In case any issues arise, our moderators retain the rights to edit this post at any time. Comments on this welcome thread are fine, but only to give feedback on the thread itself. (remember: stay on-topic!)...
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Decred for Custody Providers

This document makes the case that Decred is a perfect match for cryptocurrency custody providers. Read the key points if you prefer a concise summary.