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Isn't it kinda dangerous that anyone can vote on code changes? Also abuse of the treasury and misleading people ... New to DCR so forgive my ignorance just brain storming.

I can understand marketing proposals. But shouldnt you have to prove some merit or technical expertise before voting on actual code of the decred network? What if some proposals get passed that are inherently harmful to the stability of the network and just spend money frivolously on something that sounds shiny and novel, but just flops and harms the network? EOS project is an example that. They raised $4 billion in early 2018. Everyday people got totally duped by fancy ideas and didn't understand the full scope of what technical critics were saying about EOS, also the founder proposing EOS had a history of being a charlatan in the crypto space. Not comparing decred with eos, but rather comparing some proposals to slip in that could be like EOS and mislead people .So many others in the crypto space too raising lots of money for unrealistic things that don't pan out. Voters may get mislead in a similar way. What is decred community thoughts on this? Forgive me if this has been discussed before
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