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How to buy a ticket for solo voting?

Hi, I am new to Decred, but not to crypto or technology in general. I've been reading up and fighting w/this software for the weekend. (Several, from `dcrd` to `dcrwallet` and `dcrctl`, as well as Decrediton). I want to buy a solo ticket, not use a VSP. Yes, I am aware of the "voting wallet must be online or it can be missed" risk. I have set up a Docker config on a solid VPS to keep the voting wallet up. If needs be I can set up more nodes as well using the same (voting) wallet. But how can I buy a ticket? The Decrediton UI is not very helpful. It just points to stake pools. I'm using Decrediton on Mac and trying to use the CLI to interface w/it is a nightmare. It would be great if there were a built-in console like in Bitcoin-Qt, but I haven't found one. Surely it's possible to buy a ticket without using a VSP/Stakepool? Can anyone tell me if it's possible and if so, how can I do this? Thanks in advance.
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