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Grassroots Marketing Discussion Round 2 - The Hardest Part

This thread is specifically to continue the discussion regarding Grassroots marketing whilst also coming to terms with some hard truths. I shall keep this as short, concise and to the point for the avoidance of skirting around reality. I will piss at least one person off with this post. Please know that you can't bake a cake without cracking a few eggs. ​ [How we all feel right about now.]( # The Problem as I See It The degree of attention Decred has in the market is currently reflected in the price action (specifically it is horrible). It is quite clear that the current marketing approach is not working and has been an extremely expensive lesson. Community discussion continues to hit on this point and I for one find it tiring and am ready to put the bottom in on it. Here we go, prepare your rotten tomatoes. # Observation #1 - Marketing Budgets and strategies to date have not performed and have spent an extraordinary and unjustifiable sum in the process. * As a Project, let's please acknowledge this (or some derivative of it) openly so we can please move past it. Mistakes have been made, lessons have been learned and we MUST move on. * To people involved in these marketing proposals, this is not a personal attack but it is an observation of reality. This post is intended to break the ice and commence the process of rethinking, rejuvenating and reinvigorating with fresh ideas. * We must simultaneously appreciate that this is a growing pain of a decentralised, leaderless and nascent protocol. There is no textbook on this and we are fiscally constrained and up against great and well capitalised competition. * Decred marketing has been passive to reactive at best. We must be actively generating new ideas, narratives and be front-runners, not laggards. * **Nevertheless, we must be ruthless with correcting poor performance and I believe 3yrs...
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