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Forward Thinking Friday #1 - Moving the Peg Forwards

This is the inaugural post for **Forward Thinking Friday**. The intention is that every Friday a post goes up to pool ideas and start looking at where new features are desired, discuss potential future innovation and identify gaps in the market that Decred can fill. **NO IDEA IS A BAD IDEA - We all have different skill and knowledge levels. This is an open forum to identify, discuss and fine tune the ideas, constraints and solution pathways.** [Forward Thinking Friday \(image Courtesy of NASA https:\/\/\/multimedia\/imagegallery\/iotd.html]( Some bullet points on my list **1. Hardware wallet support for Tickets.** I have many requests in my DMs for ledger/Trezor support of ticket purchases. I know this requires dev action so it would be ideal for some of the marketing teams to look at recruiting devs who could pick this up. This is important and if there are technical reasons it cannot be done - we should endeavour to solve them. **2. BTCPay Server and ColdCard support** \- If The maxi's won't let us in, fork it and make it ours. BTCPay server opens up strong tools for merchant adoption and inclusion of unique features like the Decred DEX and mix server would be a game changer. ColdCards are open source hardware/software and are best in class in my opinion for holding BTC. Would love to see firmware expand for DCR support. **3. Governance as a Service GaaS (need a better acronym)** \- How can BTC be locked into a Decred sidechain to participate in a skin-in-the-game vote? How can atomic swaps and LN be used in the same endeavour? How can Decred export Politeia as a service for sub-DAOs? Can we build a system of sub-DAOs with different ticket requirements representative of sub-companies? **4. Coloured Coins** \- Tokenising on Decred, could also be a part of the GaaS system above. I personally believe Securities will come to distribute...
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