Embrace Degeneracy


Embrace Degeneracy

This post is partly inspired by this tweet by Permabull Nino, which I think outlines one of the biggest trends for the coming decade:


I'm personally not one that sees Decred as a potential Betamax, I think Decred *will* win in the very long term, but this post is dedicated to surviving and thriving in the next 5-10 years specifically.

And the reality is that we're barely even getting out of this bear market, and it already feels like peak euphoria, with Doge pumping 150% within a few days, and Eth with its new deflationary 'pumpamentals' sitting close to its last cycle high vs Btc, at the depths of bear..

Some might say this means we need to crash lower, but I think this is just the start of a new paradigm, an era of peak degen.

On top of that we have Musk and CZ buying twitter, which will likely turn it into a massive shitcoin casino. We'll get the Saylor's 'orange checkmarks', only that they will be paid with Doge..

And yes, we do have a scary macro situation and a potential nuclear war, but I think all those fears will only push people more towards escapism, as they can't bear this awful reality.

So what do we do about this?

We essentially have 2 options: wait it out and watch Decred get outperformed by stupidity beyond imagination while we all lose our minds, or, pack this beautiful Decred idea into a Trojan Horse of degeneracy, and outperform everything else.

I'd say for the sake of our mental and financial health we should go for the 2nd option.

The good news is that Decred is in a perfect position to outperform, our supply side is incredibly sound, just look at this graph of Liquid Supply:


We've had a steady decrease of Liquid Supply for over 2 years now, and that's without the reward split change. We now have better 'pumpamentals' than the coins that focus only on 'pumpamentals'...

All Decred needs to outpump everything else is a little bit of demand, and we can easily get plenty of demand by embracing this degenerate trend.

The lowest hanging fruit are probably basic gambling games like a well executed Satoshi Dice and others, and then some other ideas are things like the Competitive Lockup Games that I proposed earlier or Pyramid Games like the famous Proof Of Weak Hands on Eth back in the day, or hot potato games.



There are plenty of other ideas like the EVM sidechain idea that buck54321 proposed, ideally with some stupid name like Bison Chain, or something more cute and related to Stakey. We should also make the supply of this currency extremely large to benefit from unit bias.


Also I think it's important to list the most stupid possible coins on the DEX:

Doge, Shib, LUNC, Hex, and others

We should also ideally rebrand the DEX to a name that's a bit less serious, similar to the eth dex names like SushiSwap.

With the right approach the DEX could become the go-to degen casino in the next cycle, just without the frontrunning and shut-downs.

The beauty of all of those ideas is that they have 0 impact on the actual Decred chain - Decred can remain true to its original cypherpunk values while sucking money out of the degen world.

Imo we really need a working group dedicated to catering to this degen paradigm.

I'd be happy to help in any way I can.

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