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Draft: Decred Cypherpunk Prize

9 March 1993 [a cypherpunk manifesto]( ​ **why:** The immediate priority for Decred is to attract top development talent, cryptography experts, instead of marketing, or educating novice users. ​ **What:** To popularize decred among top developers and cryptographers, a Decred CypherPunk Prize was established to honor papers or program libraries important to cryptography or cryptocurrency. Open source is generally facing a lack of long-term funds, through Decred Cypherpunk Prize to highlight the sustainable characteristic of Decred. To attract more developers to decred or become decred contractors. Prize objects include: basic crypto-related program packages or libraries, crypto-currency papers, etc. But not contractors. ​ **How:** Bonus: $100K equivalent of decred(pay decred). Date: February 8 (decred Mainnet Genesis Block minted) one winners per year. ​ \---- For example, the [noise protocol]( is used for [lightning network](, [wireguard(next generation VPN)](, [I2P]( and many other important projects, and [coinshuffle++]( is used for [decred CSPP](, so it may got rewarded. ​ At present the programme is only a draft and comments are welcome. Since My native language is not English, maybe someone take my place to refine this proposal and submit it to the Politeia. ​ comments are welcome.
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