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Decred Journal — July 2019

Staking discussion at StakingCon 2019 in Beijing

Major news of July:

A draft specification for the DEX has been released, marking a major milestone towards its realization. A proposal to conduct development work was submitted in early August by dcrdata developers, and will be covered in the August edition. 3 proposals from firms offering market making services were published on Aug 7, and a further RFP proposal was published on Aug 10 which asks the stakeholders to first signal whether they want to hire a market maker. These will be covered in Politeia digest (soon) and next month’s Journal. TinyDecred, a python toolkit, was released by @buck54321, a contractor who has been working on dcrdata for the last year. TinyDecred was initially a personal interest project for Brian, but over time developed into a useful set of tools that could open up Decred-related development to the large number of Python coders. A proposal was also submitted requesting $8,000 for the work which went into TinyDecred to this point — it seems to have strong support. dcrdata beta v5.1 is now live, packed full of incremental improvements. There has also been good progress on dcrextdata, with more market data being collected and nodes being deployed on the network to collect data about the mempool and block propagation times. Some great Decred in Depth podcasts were released with @muststopmurad and @permabullnino talking about why they’re into Decred and about the opportunities and challenges they see for the project going forward. Decred-related discussion seems to be increasing on social media, and the circle of people involved in these discussions expanding. This is no doubt bolstered by the #DecredChallenge and associated memes, initiated and popularized by @Checkmate — who also published an article about Decred’s monetary premium, and submitted a proposal to continue with this line of research (now approved). @Checkmate’s article has already been cited by an investment thesis from...
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Exitus on Twitter (On Remote work): You should check out Decred's Contractor Model... - Work remotely from anywhere in the world. - No formal meetings. - Work behind a pseudonym - Paid in Decred by Decred's block reward - Decred Stakeholders approve to fund your work...

You should check out Decred's Contractor Model...- Work remotely from anywhere in the world.- No formal meetings.- Work behind a pseudonym- Paid in Decred by Decred's block reward- Decred Stakeholders...
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Checkmate Tweet Thread: I gave my young son some Bitcoin at Christmas and was fearful he wouldn’t engage and he hadn’t mentioned it much since. Last week he came to me and asked “Should we not be stacking Decred Dad?” Ultimate Father/Son moment

@coinbase I have an ever increasing number of people asking about where to DCA into @decredproject.There is a strong pool of users and holders itching to get Fiat into $DCR.Time to make it happen.— Ch...