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Decred Grassroots Marketing Campaign

Some of you may have noticed myself and others testing ideas regarding a grassroots marketing campaign/strategy. I wanted to get my thoughts down and seek further ideas to explore and look for people willing to step up and help execute. [Generic and thoughtful image of Decred and grassroots...]( **Purpose**: Quite simply, to get more eyes on Decred using new and creative approaches. There is growing buzz in the space and I believe this calls for new an innovative ways to grab that market share. In my opinion, the education/knowledge transfer on Decred fundamentals does work as an attractor UP TO A POINT. This is where I have focused my efforts to date as it aligns with my skillset. But I am acutely aware that it is but one flavor of a multi-dimensional problem. What I am seeking are people and ideas that think outside the box on how to spread the word and build social momentum. Please see below a handful of such Ideas I have been mulling over. **Overarching concepts**: \- The Treasury is for bootstrapping security, contractors, protocol devs AND the community. If people EARN DCR in some form of competitive situation, they are more likely to dig deeper, hold it and become engaged. Freebies and giveaways are antithetical to this and thus Proof-of-Skill is the strategy being sought. This is a SOCIAL method to 'mine' DCR without an ASIC, Ticket or DCC pass. These can be very cheap ventures which gain maximum reach and the Treasury gains something in return (be it contractor recruiting, marketing collateral, attention etc). \- SHOW don't TELL. Decred technology is world class - let's think of innovative ways to show it off. Use Testnet Pi for minor community polls, gamify using dcrtime or Decred signatures or Partially signed Decred Transactions. Gamify getting people USING the technology. \- Consistency is key. Simple but consistent actions which ...
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