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Decred featured in Our-Network Issue #2

The Our Network newsletter is a community lead publication covering on-chain data for various protocols and L1 blockchains. Once a month, I produce content for Decred with the first issue #2 going out last week. I will repost the content here and also ask the community to let me know if there are any other metrics you feel will be good to explore. Format is 5 bullet points + a chart or graphic. []( 1. Decred is secured by a unique Hybrid PoW/PoS consensus mechanism. Each block must be PoW mined, followed by validation by 3 out of 5 pseudo-random PoS tickets. If validation fails, blocks must be re-mined, forfeiting PoW expenditure and the block reward. The chart below presents the relative magnitude of honest hash-power to successfully double spend DCR for a given share of the ticket pool (Y-axis value of 1.0 equates to a standard 51% attack with added cost of holding 50% of tickets). 2. The Decred block reward is split 60/30/10 to PoW/PoS/Treasury. Considered with the hybrid consensus mechanism, Decred functions as a high assurance, triple-entry accounting ledger. PermabullNino released a paper studying these cumulative 'cash flows' revealing strong trend support for the DCR/BTC Price and the investor PoS break-even point (purple). 3. Similarly, block subsidy models priced in USD are more representative of Miner behavior as Decred is an ASIC dominated chain. The PoW subsidy line (red) thus indicates when miner profitability is being tested. This was recently confirmed by a squeeze in the difficulty ribbon followed by a 100% price bounce. 4. ...
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Decred Journal — July 2020

Unless otherwise noted, the work reported here has the “merged to master” status. It means that the work is completed, reviewed, and integrated into the source code that advanced users can build and…