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Decred Decentralized mail service?

I'm getting out of Google services (specifically Chrome and Gmail) since they no longer appear to be on a projected path worthy of trust due to politics. I want to use a new email service. There have been and exists cryptocurrency compliant or based email services but my suggestion is that Decred should consider developing such a service that is encrypted and decentralized. As an option to avoid keyloggers if possible it should have random on screen blanked out key boards that rely on human memory for character mapping. That way you can use the mailservice on public computers. And if your memory fails you to some extent the recipient will still be able to figure out what you meant to write. We're already faced with similar decryption tasks when reading autocorrected/suggested words in messaging apps. A free and open for all email service is potentially a viral vector, ie a way to reach millions of people with the benefits of DCR. Ad revenue could be possible as well.
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