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Decred Cons?

Hi all, recently I discovered Decred and was pretty flabbergasted I hadn't found it earlier, or at least dismissed it at the time. In my opinion it has a pretty perfect system of decentralised development/power, staking coins preventing a sudden (negative) market movement, high security through the hybrid PoW/PoS system and a predictable & transparent coin distribution, which is deflating like Bitcoin. I immediately started exchanging a significant chunk of my cryptos to decred and I'm thinking of exchanging more shortly. It might be a strange question in a sub for this coin, but I haven't found many cons for decred yet. Are there any? only shows 2 cons that I think are invalid. The only con I can imagine is that it is yet impossible or at least difficult to stake smaller amounts of decred, making it a bit of an elite coin to participate. Are there any other known cons that I should know of before I decide to buy more DCR?
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