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DCR Out-performance is Undeniable

Just to put into context how strong Decred has actually performed, Bitcoin has rallied from $12k to over $41k in two months. The vast majority of literally everything (crypto and traditional) has shitcoined out and most lindy coins have probed new BTC lows. Decred traded up and sideways. This is non trivial and sets the stage for a very good year. Another view on Decred outperforming the market, one of seven that managed to do so over 90-day period. [https:\/\/\/cristpereirag\/status\/1347522770071126019]( Anecdotally, I have personally been contacted by people who a) have no idea I am Checkmate and b) have never spoken to them about Decred, only Bitcoin. They are reaching out asking what I think about this coin called Decred, sounds interesting, has a treasury and is super secure. Seems like a better Bitcoin! Good times folks, we put a bottom in for the ages.
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