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Creating a Decred Marketing Workgroup

Currently, there is a lot of opportunity for cost effective, and potent marketing strategies to be employed for this community. The main goal of this marketing workgroup would be to grow the community, and drive traffic to the network. I created a Decred Politea proposal for $10k to dedicate to marketing expenses for Decred, and see how far I can get using that to execute my marketing strategies. If it delivers good results, we can continue. This marketing workgroup would consist of ideally 5-10 members of the community which would like to focus their efforts. We would create a proposal to withdraw treasury funds every 6 months to fund the efforts of this workgroup. I do not intend for any of these members to take a salary for being a part of this work group. Some strategies which the Decred Marketing Workgroup can employ: · Paying small “bounties” to Twitter influencers who discuss Decred to their audience · Paying for freelancers to create marketing materials from websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, etc · Using the official Decred Twitter handle to do paid ads targeted to the crypto community using well developed graphics, gifs, videos. · Shipping out t-shirts, gear, small merchandise to prominent members of the crypto community, similar to how CakeWallet does. · Any other ideas which members of this marketing workgroup come up with. We can get creative with it, and try to use these funds as efficiently as possible. Many coins employ heavy marketing campaigns, but I think as a way to test waters, this is a decent amount to dedicate to our Decred campaign. I don’t think it’s too large, especially considering the aim should be to fund marketing efforts for 6 months. I would be opposed to investing any lower amount into marketing efforts. ## Benefits: Price goes up. There are many ways this marketing workgroup can benefit the Decred network and community. I will use myself as an example, maybe a year or two ago, something as simple as Charlie Lee writing tha...
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