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An open message to developers and the whole Decred community

It is better for the devs of decred to hurry up a little on giving the upgrades that dcr needs like LN, privacy, the DEX, and other improvements. I know your job is not easy and that you are already working as fast as you can, yet I am asking you to give the extra mile and give the upgrades decred needs. Please read the following article: Coin Center submitted comments to Her Majesty’s Treasury defending UK citizens’ right to develop and publish open-source software Someone in UK is trying to regulate the writers of code to be registered, anti crypto laws will start to appear and I bet they will try to make you as a dev responsible for your code. The window of opportunity to write freely may soon be close, and it will be a good idea that if such horrible outcome come to pass our project decred is already fully developed or that some of the most needed features are already written. In my telegram message I was a little rude forgive me, but I hope that you the devs of decred and the community get the message because it is better to be safe than sorry. That also applies to all crypto currencies and their respective developers. Thank you, God bless you.
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