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Abstract terminology about levels of privacy.

​ [Can someone quantify the meanings of these words like \\"medium-high\\" vs \\"medium.\\" ? In practical terms what do they mean? In what scenario for example would Monero's \\"medium-high\\" privacy be necessary while Decred's \\"medium\\" privacy would not suffice? How much better is Monero's \\"medium-high\\" than Decred's \\"medium?\\" Are we talking twice as good? 1.5 times as good? or just 1.1 times as good? Thanks all!](
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9 Part Twitter Thread - Decred Thesis in 2 min

1/9 #decred Thesis in 2 minSoV w/governance, security, smartly aligned incentives across all network participants*Hybrid PoW/PoS*Governance*Sound money* >50% supply is staked*^ Hashrate*Privacy/Fun...
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Decred Australia on Twitter - Meetup Photos

Thank you @BlockchainAUS for having us represent the $BTC side and share more about $DCR with the community on the great debate "Does blockchain have a viable use case outside of sound money?". @jonip...