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8 Reasons Why Decred is Massively Undervalued

Decred (DCR), also known as “decentralized credits”, has enjoyed a steady rise since its inception a little over two years ago.

The “autonomous digital currency” recently started to garner a lot of attention due to its notable appearances at industry events. And while some might chalk that up to being typical hype that’s often followed by the disappearance act, I’d argue it’s only the beginning.

Decred is, in my opinion, a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by the masses.

And as casual enthusiasts exit crypto in one of the worst bear markets since 2015, identifying digital assets that are destined to succeed has never been a more critical task.

With that said, here are 8 reasons why Decred is positioned to not only survive, but excel in a turbulent market.

1. First-Class Development Team Decred team headed to New York Hilton Midtown for Consensus 2018

The lead selling point of every crypto project is, unsurprisingly, their “rockstar” team. A complete package of Ivy League educations, well-known advisors, celebrity marketers, and big-name partnerships.

The reality is that same team is likely to be more accurately described as someone — who might have a degree — with an inflated resume and no hands-on experience, a few people who were offered a percentage of the token distribution in exchange for a photo, a shill willing to promote anything that is backed by a paycheck, and an arrangement (read: checking account) with JPMorgan Chase.

As for the accomplishments; those are on the horizon. At least, that’s what investors are being sold.

Fortunately, the SEC isn’t buying it.

So, what makes Decred different? Founding Decred developers have been working with blockchain technology since 2013. They’re the authors behind many prominent projects in this space including:

BTCsuite (an alternative bitcoin implementation written in Go) ZKC (secure chat software) Atomic swaps (exchange-free cryptocu...
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