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Where do you get news about things happening in Decentraland?

I’m curious where people come for news on the latest stuff happening in Decentraland? Is it twitter, if so which accounts? Are there websites? This sub? Discord? Thanks in advance!
Go to self.decentraland

I think it’s here to stay


Xeta Theatre

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Moon Room NFT book premier!

The site of a premiere for the book "West Of Fugitive Moon" by Bradley Fink. Come take a look, perhaps consider bidding on the book, and claim your free POAP...
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I know which one I'm going with

Please consider subscribing.Meme source - r/dankmemes, r/memes, r/goodanimemes, r/animemes, r/animememesBackground music - Afternoon Nap by Ghostrifter.
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I think it’s here to stay

Decentraland is the “first fully decentralized world” as they say on their website. One way I like to think of this place is like virtual reality meets The Sims meets Minecraft. The big difference…
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VIP sugarclub tour!

Follow my twitch! out Decentral Games!
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Xeta Theatre

Backdoor cheeky-peek of Xeta Theatre after the livestream viewing party! ;PHey guys, the best way to support me and my work is to Like, Comment, and Subscrib...