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WANT ACCESS TO LAND? : Land funding group

Sorry about sensationalized title..... I wanted to wait to post on this sub when I had some successful rounds under my belt (to build credibility). But as the market grows and pulls back I wanted to see if anyone wanted to join my land funding group. As we all know that not everyone has 6k to 8k to drop on a Parcel of land at any given time. Alot of people already feel priced out. (I know I do). So with figuring out the trust aspect of all this (I know we've been trained since runescape to never trust anyone on the internet, which is super correct to a degree) I want to put together a group to pool money together and purchase lands. Some lands might be just buy and holds. Some lands we might aim to develop on. Some rounds might be aimed at lands that hit certain specific attributes, but all in all the overall goal is given access to the person who only has 500$ at their disposal maybe less for bigger funding rounds. Power of leverage would be great and I really believe at some point lands might be worth 250k each if done right and if Im wrong I'm still positive a 500$ buy in will grow to some degree. Ive chatted with some and been trolled on here and some people are a bit wary which is perfectly fair. I hope to get the ball rolling soon and lock in some land in the portfolio. Im sure everyone has questions about the process and I'd be happy to discuss openly below and maybe even bounce ideas in the comment section. its a process. If you want a chance a Land ownership join our discord: []( just created and if your wary of links add my Discord account : Dr.Ops#6202 Also Have a FAQ. Basic format \*\*\*\*\*\* Subject to change\* : Is funding through the most traceable 3rd party system like kickstarter or go fund me etc. Open the funding round up and wait till its funded. What ever you put into the round is the % of land ownership you will hold for that specific land. Selling land will be decided by...
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