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Starting soon! High Tech Prizes during Crypto Casino Night starting soon in Tominoya Casino with a live DJ set! Cyberpunk XBOX One X Bundle + $500 in Games for 1st place! 9pm UTC / 5pm EST

​ Teleport straight to the Casino: []( Check out our upcoming events: []( **Casino Night is back, featuring blackjack and roulette playable with MANA and DAI!** **Enjoy a live DJ set from** **DJ Pop RoXxX, and win $DG/High Tech prizes!** **The top 5 high scorers for the evening will receive the following prizes:** >**1st place -** Cyberpunk XBOX One X Bundle + $500 in Games > >**2nd place -** [**$300 USD in $DG**]( > >**3rd place -** [**$250 USD in $DG**]( > >4th place - [$150 USD in $DG]( > >5th place - $100 USD in $DG Every 5 minutes a randomly selected address actively playing with crypto will receive 15 USD worth of $DG! Scores are calculated as total value of USD profit. Losses and ties are not factored. The event starts at 9pm UTC / 5pm EST [**Join our Discord**]( for more information!
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