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Starting now! Hajime Kinoko X RPM Studio NFT Art Auction and Demonstration with $DG airdrops and prizes during the free to play competition!

​ ​ Join us for the final hour of the auction of a beautiful 1 of 1 Ultra Rare 3D model of Shibari Rope Installation by Hajime Kinoko x RPM Studio ([@Shibarijp]( x [@rpmtokyo]( Live rope demonstration by Hajime Kinoko followed by an AMA on our Discord Voice Chat: []( Free POAP NFT for all attendees. Jump in: []( Check out our future events: []( **Join us at the free play competition where $400+ is up for grabs!** >**1st place - $100 USD in $DG** > >**2nd place - $75 USD in $DG** > >**3rd place - $50 USD in $DG** > >4th place - $20 USD in $DG > >5th place - $10 USD in $DG Additionally, every 5 minutes a randomly selected address actively playing will receive $15 worth of $DG!
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Comic, Musical and NFT artists wanted !

If you are a Comic, Musical or #NFT artist and would like to perform at an event in #Decentraland DM me 😃Events happen every Thursday 10PM UTC at Rezinator HQ (-129,-83)#NFTCommunity #DCLEvents pic.t...