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Plastic Surgery in DCL - Free Nose-Jobs 👃

I havent seen enough facial options in decentraland (other than a few eyes and mouths) but there is only ONE nose! and a very tiny one ... so I decided to create a "big nose" to mix things up a bit! It's a wearable that can be found on rainbow road (-70, 0). I wanna give out some free nose-jobs today to change the virtual world, one nose at a time. Just comment on the post or send me a DM with your eth address! \#biggernose EDIT: I've given 50 free nose-jobs on my first day as a surgeon, this was good practice (You get what you pay for) We might host big-nose events in DCL/wonderzone in the future. Gonna take a break from free nose-jobs now👃 [A very happy customer]( [who wouldn't be happy with a nose like this?](
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