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Photography NFTs

Hello everyone, I was able to get my photographs in the first floor of The Standard Gallery located at 117,34 in the game. My goal is to introduce digital photography NFTs for people to put up at their business or homes. Please pay my art a visit thank you 馃檹馃徏
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Home for decentralnd for sale! Rare only 4 minted.

The Tatami Pavilion is the first digital architecture collectible designed by Studio Archonomous specifically for deployment on a 16m x 16m parcel within the online metaverse of Decentraland. Only 5 a...
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How does that not slip

Please consider subscribing.Meme source - r/dankmemes, r/memesBackground music - Afternoon Nap by Ghostrifter.
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Polygon / Decentraland

Polygon鈥檚 vibrant ecosystem of projects and Dapps has led to wide adoption with more than 15M transactions, 300K unique users thanks to 130+ brilliant decentralized applications. Introducing Project鈥