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Mana Circulating Supply

Mana circulating supply is approx 1.57 b but there’s a burn rate with all the transactions in the land. Shouldn’t this make the supply go down? It has been the same for a year now? Or maybe I’ve totally misunderstood!
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I think it’s here to stay


Xeta Theatre

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Moon Room NFT book premier!

The site of a premiere for the book "West Of Fugitive Moon" by Bradley Fink. Come take a look, perhaps consider bidding on the book, and claim your free POAP...
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I know which one I'm going with

Please consider subscribing.Meme source - r/dankmemes, r/memes, r/goodanimemes, r/animemes, r/animememesBackground music - Afternoon Nap by Ghostrifter.
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I think it’s here to stay

Decentraland is the “first fully decentralized world” as they say on their website. One way I like to think of this place is like virtual reality meets The Sims meets Minecraft. The big difference…
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VIP sugarclub tour!

Follow my twitch! out Decentral Games!
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Xeta Theatre

Backdoor cheeky-peek of Xeta Theatre after the livestream viewing party! ;PHey guys, the best way to support me and my work is to Like, Comment, and Subscrib...