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Impromptu Karaoke night at Franky's Tavern tonight.

Just recently(4pm EST to 7pm EST), there was an impromptu karaoke session at Franky's Tavern in Decentraland. Juxton just started singing along to one of the songs that was playing from the Youtube feed and it just took off when I took over and decided to sing Bruno Mars haha. It was fun all around and I think at the peak there was about 30 people in the bar at once. It was awesome, we also had other members from the audience and community eventually join in on the singing. Mease was the first to step up to the stage and sing a song karaoke style. It was a very special unplanned night and makes me hopeful for the future of the social aspect of DCL. While we were partying in the tavern, I kept thinking how cool it would have been to have access to more emotes to use while socializing and it's really up to the community to develop and implement these features and ideas. Did you happen to catch the spontaneous event? What do you think could make the social aspect of DCL even better? I'm thinking more emotes and a better voice chat system, maybe proximity vc? What are your thoughts?
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