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Decentral Games Weekly Newsletter #13 - This Week's Live Performances + Focus

As of last week, USDT, ETH, and ATRI gameplay are [now live](, expanding our reach to over 50 million new addresses! The DG Team donated 50 ETH, the Atari team provided 200,000 ATRI, and 150,000 DAI was moved into USDT to bankroll the new gameplay tokens. ​ Following a [gov proposal](, 604 LAND parcels were added to the DAO, bringing our total holdings to 1,007 LANDs and the total DAO treasury to **$11.3 million USD**. The DG DAO receives the equivalent of 2,000 MANA of Decentraland DAO votes for each LAND parcel, which means our voting power from LAND alone is over 2 million MANA (\~$2.7 million USD of votes). ​ Check out the [Newsletter]( here for more info about this weeks up coming events!
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