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Decentral Games' Presents the APES 3D NFT Auction and Showcase with a free to play competition and $DG raffles and prizes! Starting soon! 10pm UTC / 6pm EST

​ ​ Join us for the APES 3D ([@Apes3D]( NFT Auction and Showcase, with a music and entertainment by Blake Holz ([@imblakehotz](! Free POAP NFT for all attendees! Jump in: []( Check out our future events: []( **Join us at the free play competition where $400+ is up for grabs!** >**1st place - $100 USD in $DG** > >**2nd place - $75 USD in $DG** > >**3rd place - $50 USD in $DG** > >4th place - $20 USD in $DG > >5th place - $10 USD in $DG Additionally, every 5 minutes a randomly selected address actively playing will receive $15 worth of $DG!
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