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Community Module Update: Gallery

The Gallery community module seeks to provide users with a robust set of easy to use features centred around displaying their NFTs. Upon release (next week), this module will be free for the community to use and modify as they see fit. I'll also continue adding features as they become available (looking at you polygon) and popping bugs as they appear. The current module allows users to display NFTs via a node-shelf system: users first define where they wish to place a 'displayer' that will act as a root/anchoring, then define what NFTs will be displayed on that object's nodes. The current system supports both 2D and 3D object displays, though for 3D displays you must provide your own preview model as you cannot harvest that organically from the NFT's data. The main goal is to provide a versatile system while maintaining a minimalistic interface to make it easy for users who have no programming experience. Here's an example of a displayer definition and a quick peak at the scene: [definition for a free-standing set of 2 NFT objects]( You can try out the preview scene [here]( You can view an NFT's details in-game with 'E' and open a new tab leading to its OpenSea page with 'F.' I'll be spending the next week polishing the code and default display objects; I'm no graphic artist, but the plan is to provide at least 6 usable displayers and to get users started. I'd also love to hear any suggestions for additional features you might want to see in this module! Happy Holidays!
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