January Update via Medium

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January update

The first month of the new year has been an interesting one to say the least, and one which has proved to be very fruitful for the Decent.bet team and community.

Since our last article towards the end of December, we saw a flurry of news items which included a Yobit exchange listing as well as our Slots and House test net releases. Not only did this result in an influx of new members into our Slack eager to test our slots, it also resulted in our highest ever market cap and a new all-time high for the token itself. Importantly, the slots were also incredibly well received and created a productive environment for all to come together to not only work out any kinks with the backend and UI, but also to see who could win the elusive jackpots.

Slots test net

Whilst both of these releases were incredibly successful, it is important to note that they are still in the development phase and as backend issues are identified and rectified, further iterations will continue to be developed, which will of course include a comprehensive UI upgrade in preparation for the platform launch at the end of Quarter One of this year.

Beyond the technological developments, the rest of the team has been hard at work networking across the world, most recently in Europe, where our Founder and CEO Jedidiah Taylor, along with our VP of Operations Kurt Connolly (and a host of other team members) recently attended the Crypto Economy Conference in London, (January 25–26) and then an Amsterdam based conference (January 29–30), to speak about our organisational ethos, vision and what we hope to achieve in the near future. In doing so, the team also demonstrated the technology behind Decent.bet including our slots, something which many of the conference attendees were fortunate enough to test. Importantly for organisational reach and awareness, this is something which will again occur in the near future as we look to expand our brands reach and awareness among the wider cryptocurrency and gambling communities.

London Cryptocurrency Conference

As for the future, well it is bright indeed and full of many developments yet to come including;

• A new upgraded wallet release • A website overhaul and update • Further targeted marketing campaigns • A new exchange listing

These new upgrades and initiatives are designed to broaden our market reach and engage new, as well as existing, potential customers and investors. This is of course in preparation for the platform launch, an event which is keeping our team of developers hard at work. For detailed milestone goals please see the below roadmap, one which we are pleased to say we continue to hold ourselves directly accountable to.

Organisational roadmap

As always, we welcome any and all to follow us here on Medium, Facebook, Twitter or to join the discussion on Slack, something which can be achieved by emailing [email protected]

Thank you DBETer’s for your continued love and support and we look forward to testing our new developments with our wider community and welcoming everyone to gamble on our platform as well enjoy the share of profits through our “Be the House” initiative.

Until next month,