Just Published!; Beta Dev Update (92)

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Beta Dev Update (92)

Hello Players and Welcome to Week 92!

It has been awhile since our last Dev update. We have been working on launching Xpoints and Xcredits. Just in case you missed it: INTRODUCING XPOINTS AND XCREDITS.

Now Let’s dive into what we have released since our last update;

Bug Fixes: -Unable to connect Steam account -Revert buy-ins for auto canceled battles -Team avatar image blinks -Load more … At the bottom of ALL NEWS page shouldn’t be available if there is less than 10 news -PUBG tournament will start even though there is not enough team registered -Rework deposit flow to enable purchase of virtual items Additional Features: -Team and friend invite notification updates -PUBG Tournament buy-in with Xcredits -Referral to support Xcredits as reward -DOTA tournaments buy-in with Xcredits and Xpoints -Inform users that referral bonus is paid after played match -Add option for publishing news in Russian language in admin

Thank you for reading!

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