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Why DASH is the Next Big Thing

The digital coin, DASH, has seen its value rise significantly since it got introduced in 2014. Followers of this currency attribute its success to factors such as its rich feature list, low fees, quick confirmation times, as well as it having a built in a tumbler to add privacy. To others, it’s formal governance system, which uses masternodes, gives it an edge over the rest. 

DASH has been gaining wide acceptance, as several cryptocurrency infrastructure providers continue to add it to their repertoire. Reputable hardware wallet manufacturers like Keepkey, Ledger and Trezor now provide support for the currency, while renowned exchanges like Bitfinex, Bittrex, among others, have integrated it. Currently, it is listed in 90 percent of exchange platforms. In the same vein, its customer base is on the rise so much that one wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that the currency is here to stay.

DASH may be the next big thing since Bitcoin. A DASH token is currently valued at approximately $779. This may not look like a lot of money if you measure it against a heavyweight like Bitcoin. But a look back at where this currency is coming from will enable you to realize just how far it has come in 2017 alone.

1 DASH coin was valued at $11 at the beginning of 2017. Then in early March, it peaked at $60 per coin. More than three months later in mid-July, the currency hovered around the $170 mark. Suffice to say that it’s been quite an ascendancy for this burgeoning digital coin. So, what exactly is it that makes DASH one of the most promising alternative currencies to bitcoin? Why does it keep hitting all-time highs after highs? The answer lies in the fact that DASH has managed to address some of the major challenges that users face with bitcoin and brings changes of its own. 

The Dash Evolution, which aims to make digital currency easy to use and access for all users further solidifies the reputation of the coin as the future of digital p...

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