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DASH Coin Most stable crypto coin to invest in 2018

DASH Coin Most stable crypto coin to invest in 2018

DASH has some of the most unique features for any cryptocurrency in the world. Below are the main features which make it outstanding:

Instant payments

It has a special feature called InstantSend, which is for transaction periods of less than 1 sec. This makes the system fast and thus able to handle enormous transactions simultaneously without the fear of congestion.

Low transaction fees

The average transaction cost with DASH coin is $0.1, which is much lower than most major cryptocurrencies.

Two-tier network structure

DASH uses a special kind of a network, which uses two types of nodes; the nodes and the full nodes also referred to as masternodes.

The nodes are used by miners in verifying and generating new coins while the Masternodes or full nodes is where the blockchain and cryptography are stored.

This eases the network, especially for mining, since the nodes used for mining are left to purely do mining without handling any other business.


It is the only cryptocurrency that doesn’t use community funding, but rather funds itself through mining.

After mining, 10% of the mining reward is retained for maintenance of DASH coin while the rest is equally shared between the miners and the operators of the masternode operators. This ensures that DASH obtains the necessary funding to develop and maintain the ecosystem.

Untraceable transactions

DASH has another special feature known as PrivateSend that makes sure that all the transactions of DASH users remain private.

DASH Price forecast

Currently the market capitalization of DASH is $4,944,182,203 USD placing at number 11 in terms of market capitalization. Its 24-hour trading volume is currently about $82,000,000 with a circulating supply of 7,883,032 DASH out of a max of 18,900,000 DASH. Continue on dashcoinhigh.blogspot.com

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