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BTC Price Signals a Bull Market! What Cryptos Could Follow? (EVX, XMR, DASH) - Bitcoinist.com

BTC price once again has torn through resistance levels and with many October catalysts seems to be on the cusp of a bullish breakout. Could a bull run be on the horizon?

Market Analysis

The last 3 weeks saw TRIG, VIBE, and INS predicted prior to their Northern price trends and this week an underpriced gem, EVX, which will be analyzed alongside two top privacy coins: XMR and DASH.

Everyone is talking about the ETF (exchange-traded fund) when in reality it is a matter of when, not if, the fund occurs. However, the ETF will likely not be approved for months and there are plenty of more exciting events on the horizon for BTC 00 to help begin a full market bull run in the short term.

October sees the opening of BAKKT a crypto exchange founded by the owners of the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). If mainstream adoption was to occur of crypto trading it would be the owners of the NYSE that would capitalize on it.

Having already created the platform ensured they followed SEC regulations, and with clout as the owners of one of the world’s largest stock exchanges (NYSE), it seems BAKKT will begin driving in professional traders with billions if not trillions into the crypto space.

BAKKT’s first product will be futures that require the underlying asset, bitcoin (i.e. have control of the private keys), to be held.

As more people buy and sell futures they are actually buying and holding the physical BTC. This removes BTC’s already minimal supply while the demand explodes rapidly as BAKKT drives new traders into the space.

Personally, I believe this will signal the next bull run in crypto markets.

With the next bull run signaled what underpriced gem is out there waiting to be found?

EVX – Everex

After doing extensive research in the space it becomes evident how truly hard it is to accomplish major exchange listings, regardless of the team, tech, and community. This is why targeting very low market cap ...

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