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Vote against 'Core Team Taxes' could put things into jeopardy

Hello, Just wanted to inform us all that voting against 'Core Team Taxes' could put entire Dash Core team into jeopardy. This is because by law, taxes are payable \*before\* salaries. And 119 votes against it could make it hard to pass this proposal. Basically Dash Core team could be forced to fire engineers in order to pay taxes first. Mastenodes attanetion ! Either you vote 'yes' both to **Core Team Compensation** and **Core Team Taxes** and **Core Team Legal** or we go voting for a new government in democratic republic of Dash :) Seriously: failing any of those votes will put things in jeopardy, sending our Dash engineers home without a job. Be very careful with what you wish for, and what you vote for, dear Masternodes ! Source: [https://dashvotetracker.com/](https://dashvotetracker.com/) Regards, \-Technologov
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