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US Students Lead On-Campus Dash Promotion, Crowdfund Trip to London Conference

A pair of aspiring Dash developers from Iowa State University have successfully crowdfunded a trip to the Dash conference in London using Dash donations.

August Domanchuk and Jacob Hemmerich, two computer engineering students at Iowa State University with a passion for Dash, are in the process of starting a cryptocurrency student organization on campus and have already hosted several Dash events, including getting their whole dorm floor involved in Dash. They sought to attend the first Dash conference in London this weekend, but as university students with a limited budget, were unable to secure the funding for a transatlantic flight on such short notice. They then turned to the Dash community to help crowdfund their trip through cryptocurrency donations, promising to donate the proceeds to a computer science charity if they fell short of their goal.

The pair have since passed the $6,400 fundraising goal and will be headed to London this weekend. I spoke with Domanchuck about how the Dash crowdfunding experience differs from traditional fundraising platforms, as well as his future plans as a future Dash developer.

Dash Force News: When did you first get into Dash? What drew you to it

August Domanchuk: Dash was one of the first cryptocurrencies I researched and I immediately identified some of Dash’s key features that set it apart from the average coin. I saw it as the first widely accepted digital cash and believed in the scaling potential. As a young entrepreneur, the monthly Dash treasury fund and the proposal system fascinated me. I couldn’t stop thinking about the potential possibilities.

How did you get your first Dash?

AD: I paid for my first Dash with the paycheck I received from working as a Youth Mentor running a summer program that taught coding for kids.

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