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Updated Product Brief: Dash Core Release v0.17

Release Highlights Platform Support

Support for Dash Platform has been expanded through the addition of a new quorum type, several RPCs, and a way to limit Platform RPC access to a subset of allowed RPCs. These changes provide necessary Platform capabilities while maximizing the isolation between Core and Platform.

Opcode Updates

Several opcodes have been reactivated/introduced to broaden the functionality of the system and enable developers to build new solutions. These opcodes are a combination of previously disabled ones that have been found to be safe and new ones previously introduced by Bitcoin Cash. Details of the opcodes are provided in DIP-20.

Wallet Upgrade

Upgrading a non-Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallet to an HD wallet is now possible. Previously new HD wallets could be created, but non-HD wallets could not be upgraded. This update will enable existing non-HD wallets to upgrade to take advantage of HD wallet features. Upgrades must be done via either the debug console or command line and a new backup must be made when this upgrade is performed. Read more

DKG Data Sharing

Quorum resilience has been improved by enabling masternodes to request DKG data from other quorum members. This allows Dash Platform to obtain required information while also making it possible for corrupted masternodes to recover the DKG data they need to participate in quorums they are part of. Details are provided in DIP-21.

Bitcoin Backports

This release also introduces over 450 updates from Bitcoin v0.17 as well as some updates from Bitcoin v0.18 and more recent versions. This includes a number of performance improvements, dynamic loading of wallets via RPC, support for signalling pruned nodes, and a number of other updates that will benefit Dash users. Bitcoin changes that do not align with Dash’s product needs, such as SegWit and RBF, are excluded from our backporting. For additional detail on what’s included in Bitcoin v0.17, plea...

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