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Two questions about Masternodes

I understand that a newly activated Masternode (MN) starts at the bottom of the payment list, and that every time any MN gets paid, it goes to the bottom of the list. I understand that only the top 10% of that list are eligible for payment, and that it is probabilistic based on hash values, etc. I also understand that if an MN goes offline, then it has to go to the bottom of the list when it restarts. My first question is about the logic of that payment process. What benefit does the 10% "selection pool" provide over a simple "wait your turn" approach? As I though about it, maybe there is some game-theoretic incentive that causes better behavior. But I can't imagine what that might be. Any insights on the benefit of the selection pool process? My second question is whether there is an online resource to see what the full MN ordered payment list is. Is the current Selection Pool available online to check if a specific MN is in the pool? And preferably also see the waiting statistics for each MN still there? Thanks.
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