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Trying To PrivateSend

I'm currently experimenting with different privacy coins and protocols to expand my understanding of the blockchain and I thought I'd try out Dash PrivateSend. ​ My experience so far: * DashCore took 30Gb of disk space for the blockchain, and this eventually got corrupted on my computer, so now it can't open because it fails to sync. I've tried deleting the entire AppData directory and reinstalling, and still having trouble. Even after a completely fresh install, it takes a long time to ... close part way through the block syncing process. And I'm not sure there's any other way to get the funds off that wallet.dat. * Dash Electrum, while it wins an award for me still having access to my funds and for giving me a seed phrase instead of a wallet file... doesn't appear to let me PrivateSend any amount, since it's never large enough even up to 0.1001 DASH (which is already $50 CAD - way more than I want to risk on a brand new wallet software). From the guides online, PrivateSend should support denomenations down to 0.001 (and that was back in 2019). * Guarda has eaten my funds. I sent 0.01 DASH and apparently I have an insufficient balance even though it shows having received the transaction, and even if I try to send just 0.001 DASH. And there's no way to even get the private key to get the funds back - the "Backup and Keys" button I found on an [online tutorial](https://guarda.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/36000032819-how-to-save-your-private-keys-) doesn't actually exist. So basically, yeah, my funds are just lost, and no human response from support yet despite an email saying they got my request and "will do \[their\] best to reply to \[me\] within a couple of hours". ​ So I'm wondering if anyone can advise me on how to get started with this. My initial impression was that Dash was going for being an easy to use cryptocurrency for payments, with lots of great videos and information online, and so far I feel I've been more than persiste...
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